Many children grow up with teeth that are slightly misaligned or growing in an imperfect line. Often the orthodontic issues will be resolved naturally by the wonders of Mother Nature, and no dental work is needed. and other times children may need to get braces to correct their dental issues so they can have a perfect smile and maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Here’s some important information you need to know if your child might need braces.

At the Kakar Dental Group, all our dedicated dentists in our three locations agree children shouldn’t get braces until the age of 10 years old to 14 years old.

The reasons are:

  • Braces require high maintenance including brushing and flossing after every meal which younger children often can’t achieve.
  • Ideally, children should lose their baby teeth before orthodontic treatment and this doesn’t happen until they are at least 10 years old. Some dentists will recommend removing some baby teeth so treatment can begin earlier.
  • Orthodontic treatment can take up to four years to complete. Teenagers get self-conscious as they get older so starting young so it’s finished as soon as possible can help their self-esteem, confidence and mental health. (When will they come off is the most common question our young patients ask).

To find out if your child needs orthodontic treatment we should do an examination and discuss in person what options are available for your child. If your child isn’t 10 years old yet we are happy to give a preliminary examination and let you know our professional opinion.

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