You might be wondering if sedation dentistry works if the concept is new to you. 

We can assure you that sedation dentistry offers a wonderful solution to children and adults who suffer from anxiety and feelings of stress while in the dental chair. Even if you know the procedure will be safe and pain-free and administered by talented professionals you might still feel apprehension or even fear. 

It is a common feeling amongst dental patients of all ages. We understand the feeling is real and we care. 

That is why we recommend sedation dentistry for anyone from children adults, who want to have a more relaxed and pleasant dental experience. It gives patients peace of mind in the days leading up to their appointment as well as a feeling of relaxed wellbeing during the procedure. 

Sedation dentistry can be used for basic teeth cleaning or for more complex dental procedures.

Some patients try sedation dentistry and gain confidence enough to forego the sedation during the next visit. Others find the sedation is ideal for them and use it for every visit to the clinic. 

The worst outcome for patients is avoiding appointments due to worry and fear about treatment. Putting off the dentist until next week, next month or even next year is something many people do until the pain becomes too much to bear. But the damage that can worsen while you wait can be what causes you more time in the dental chair as well as more cost. 

Find The Best Sedation Dentistry in Northern Virginia

Tysons Corner, Falls Church, Fredericksburg and Manassas

Contact the Kakar Dental Group today. We specialize in pediatric and family dentistry and also welcome everyone in the community we are so happy to be a part of. 

We offer a range of sedation options at three clinics covering Tysons Corner, Falls Church, Fredericksburg and Manassas of Virginia and the surrounding areas. Find out about all your options including oral sedation, IV sedation, nitrous oxide sedation and general anesthesia. We promise the dental experience will be better than you imagine.


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