What Do Dentists Do When You Have a Cavity?

Dentistry for your child can be stressful for everyone, especially when a cavity is involved. That’s why pediatric dentists have special procedures in place to take away the anxiety of their little patients, keeping them comfortable and relaxed. What Do Dentists Do When You Have a Cavity? here we want to talk about it.

Here’s a rundown of what to expect at the dentist’s office when your little one develops a cavity.

What Is a Cavity?

Cavities are small holes in your teeth caused by tooth decay. They form as a result of plaque buildup, and they may feel painful or sensitive.

So what do dentists do when you have a cavity? Let’s break it down.

Treatment Options for Dental Cavities

If it’s a small cavity, your child’s pediatric dentist will repair the tooth with a dental filling. This involves drilling into the tooth to remove the decayed matter, then filling it with resin to close up the gap. Your child will receive lots of care to alleviate stress and anxiety.

If the cavity has touched the tooth’s nerve and cannot be filled successfully, it will require a different treatment. Pediatric dentistry uses a procedure called pulpotomy, where the nerve is treated, and a crown is placed over the tooth to give it back its natural strength. 

If this is not possible, the pediatric dentist will consider extracting the damaged tooth.

Tips for Preventing Cavities

What can you do to prevent your child from developing cavities? Here are two strategies.

Visit the Dentist Regularly

When you make your visits to the pediatric dentist a regular exercise, you can be assured of your child having continued good overall dental health. Visiting every six months is a good start. A pediatric dentist will also advise you on effective dental cleaning as your child grows.

Promote Tooth Hygiene at Home

Start your child on a brushing regime early in their life. Begin when they are babies by cleaning their gums with a damp facecloth after feeding time.

As your child grows, graduate to using a baby toothbrush, a tiny blob of children’s toothpaste, and some water. Make it a fun and enjoyable experience so your child associates teeth cleaning with positive feelings.

Older children should brush twice a day under your watchful eye until they are comfortable with doing it themselves. Teach them in a playful way to swirl and spit without swallowing the toothpaste. 

Introduce your child to flossing early, too! Pediatric dentists will guide you on the correct techniques for your child.

What Do Dentists Do When You Have a Cavity? They Make It Better!

Practicing excellent dental hygiene goes a long way toward preventing cavities. Book regular cleanings for your whole family to help those smiles stay shiny and bright!

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