Have you recently undergone dental surgery and noticed something odd in your mouth? You feel it, and you don’t know what it is. If it feels like there’s something small and bothersome lingering, it might be dissolvable stitches hanging in your mouth. While this can feel unsettling, there’s no need to worry about it.

This is usually told to patients before surgery, but there’s hearing about it versus dealing with it. Does it feel uncomfortable? While it might seem like it will last forever, it’s not. 

With that said, let’s walk through what this means and how you can handle these dissolvable stitches comfortably. 

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Understanding Dissolvable Stitches Hanging in the Mouth

Dissolvable stitches, or absorbable sutures, are commonly used in dental surgeries to close up incisions and wounds like regular stitches. Now, unlike regular stitches that need to be manually removed by a doctor, the beauty of these stitches is that they’re designed to break down and disappear on their own as your healing progresses. 

There is no need to deal with any follow-up visits to get them removed; however, the problem is that having those dissolvable stitches in your mouth is pretty uncomfortable. Even if they do linger a tad longer than anticipated, they can cause that “hanging loose” feeling, but don’t worry about it – it’ll go away soon enough/

What to Do with Dissolvable Stitches Hanging in Your Mouth

Finding dissolvable stitches hanging in your mouth can be uncomfortable but don’t worry. While time is a part of the solution, it’s all about managing this oddly awkward feeling. 

Here’s how you can manage them safely and effectively.

Don’t Tug 

By all means, this is not a comfortable feeling, but you still need to stay calm. You’ll have to avoid the temptation of pulling on any loose threads because this can cause irritation or even damage the healing tissue and Dissolvable Stitches Hanging in the Mouth.

Keep Up with Good Oral Hygiene

This one is pretty obvious, but you’ll still need to keep your mouth clean while this dangling feeling is happening. Just make sure to use some mild antiseptic rinse for this. 

Opt for Soft Foods

The last thing you need is more irritation, so eat soft and non-abrasive foods. Avoid anything too crunchy, sticky, or hard until the stitches have fully dissolved.

Consult Your Dentist

How bothersome are your stitches? Are you worried they’re not dissolving properly? If so, be sure to contact your dentist so they can check.

When to Contact Your Dentist

Are you speaking of consulting with your dentist? When should you reach out to them about Dissolvable Stitches Hanging in the Mouth? Well, depending on your situation, you should see them ASAP. 

  • Are you dealing with pain or discomfort? 
  • Are there signs of an infection? 
  • Are the stitches still not dissolved after the expected time frame?

We’re fully committed to your comfort and well-being at Kakar Dental Group. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any concerns about your recovery process. Just remember, taking care of your mouth today ensures you’ll have a better smile tomorrow!