It’s so cute when those tiny baby teeth start coming in—even if the teething isn’t; however, before long, adult teeth will start replacing those small teeth. This stage in your little one’s life is sure to come along. What matters is that their teeth should come out naturally. You don’t want lost teeth from damage or decay. When Do Kids Lose Their First Tooth is our topic today.

So when do kids lose their first tooth? It’s much easier to handle if you know when to expect that first wobbly one.

When Do Kids Lose Their First Tooth?

Why are baby teeth important? 5 or 6 years old is the average age for losing a first tooth. It could be as early as four or sometimes as late as 7. So be ready from when your ankle biter is starting preschool. This might seem a little early for such a significant moment in their life. Your mini-me has only had their first teeth for a few years. But it’s not long before their permanent teeth make an appearance. And the baby ones have to go to make room for them. Children usually continue losing their baby teeth (primary teeth) until around age 12. They should have all their adult teeth by then, except for those pesky wisdom teeth.

Baby Teeth: What They Are and When They Appear

Your child’s first set of teeth (or their primary teeth) comprises 20 pearly whites. These are the teeth your baby starts to sprout as they’re teething, but they’re not designed to stick around. Babies usually pop their first tooth at about 5-7 months old. You’ll know by how grumpy they are during teething. By the time they’re around 2-3 years old, they’ll have a complete set of tiny little teeth. These teeth typically start to fall out in the same order. So that means the bottom and top incisors are first (front teeth), and the molars (back teeth) are last.

How to Care for Your Child’s Baby Teeth

Your child’s first set of teeth may only be temporary, but caring for them still matters. These teeth stick around for years, and you don’t want them to get cavities. Children can have fillings, but that doesn’t mean they should. When Do Kids Lose Their First Tooth is the most important thing that you need to know to Care for Your Child’s Baby Teeth very well.

Your job as their parent or guardian is to watch out for their dental health and stop that from happening. Experts recommend you help kids brush their teeth until they have the talent to do it on their own. That’s usually somewhere around eight years old. It’s still important to check that they’ve done an excellent job. So get them to give you a big “ah” when you’re done. Some might need more supervision and encouragement than others.

Regular dental checkups are essential too. Your dentist or dental hygienist will thoroughly clean your child’s teeth to get any plaque or tartar that might still have built up.

Caring for Gappy Smiles

When your child’s teeth start to fall out, it can leave them with funny gaps. These will soon be filled with adult teeth, but it does take time. Keep up a good oral hygiene routine with brushing and flossing. You don’t usually need to do anything about a loose or wiggly tooth just know When Do Kids Lose Their First Tooth!. It will come out on its own in time. But some will take longer than others. See your dentist if you’re concerned about one hanging on. Keep your kids’ primary and adult teeth healthy with regular cleaning and checkups. A good oral hygiene routine will protect both sets of teeth. And healthy baby teeth will mean they start coming out at the right time!