Why Does My tooth hurts when i bite down?

Your child may come to you and say, “My tooth hurts when I bite down.” Knowing what to do next can save a lot of pain and tears – you’ve come to the right place.

It’s not just baby teeth that cause pain. Pediatric dentists examine and fix all kinds of problems with children’s teeth.

Here’s a guide to what may be causing your pain and when you need to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

My tooth hurts when i bite down – What’s Causing It?

Losing Baby Teeth

When your child loses their first set of teeth, you’ll notice extreme sensitivity as the tooth becomes looser. This is especially pronounced when you bite down as the nerve ending beneath the tooth is stimulated.

This is natural but may still require removal or appropriate painkillers – contact your dentist to learn more.


Children love sweets, but this can cause cavities and dental decay. Crumbly, sugary food such as cookies can easily get stuck in between teeth – without adequate brushing, this can cause serious long-term damage and cavities.

Scheduling regular dental appointments can prevent cavities in children.


If you apply pressure to a specific tooth and there is aching, it could be due to an abscess around the root of the tooth. This will cause pain when you bite down.

The best remedy is for an experienced dentist to perform a root canal, as the symptoms can worsen over time, and the pain will increase.

Cracked Tooth 

Trying to locate a cracked tooth is difficult. The only obvious symptom is pain when biting down. Locate exactly where the pain is coming from, and the dentist will determine the extent of the crack.

A cracked tooth, if not treated immediately, can lead to greater fractures, and the soreness will gradually increase.

Advantages of Having a Family Pediatric Dentist

If your child approaches you and says, “My tooth hurts when i bite down,” the best course of action is to schedule a pediatric dental appointment immediately. Having a regular dentist your child is familiar with will make this easier and less stressful for them and ensure you get seen ASAP.

Schedule That Appointment With Your Dentist

If you have same problem as “tooth hurts when i bite down” :

Book an appointment with your dentist today to:

  •             Learn more about protecting your child’s teeth with teeth cleaned
  •             Help them manage pain
  •             Schedule dental procedures if a tooth needs to be removed

Call now to schedule an appointment!


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