You will come across plenty of kids’ dental clinics in Falls Church and nearby areas, but very few pediatric dental clinics are admired for offering professional dental treatments. Kakar Dental Group is among the few pediatric dental clinics in Fall Church that not only has the team of the most experienced pediatric dentists like Dr. Sonu Kakar, but they also have all the latest dental tools and technologies to make your kids dental visit a fun.

Conveniently located in the heart of Falls Church, Kakar Dental Group is one of the most reputable dental clinics for kids of all ages – from infancy to adolescence. Under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Sonu Kakar, various pediatric dental treatments are offered to kids in a friendly environment. From pediatric dental cleaning to pediatric dental filling, Kakar Dental Group is your one-stop-destination for all your kids’ dental care requirements. Pediatric dentists at Kakar Dental Group are trained to gently treat the kids developing teeth as they are well aware of the unique problems that a child faces during his/her early age.

Below are some pediatric dental treatments offered at Kakar Dental Group:

  1. Routine Dental Check-up: Everyday brushing is a good dental care habit, but visits to a dental clinic for routine oral check-ups can keep your teeth and gums protected from several dental problems such as gum diseases and tooth decay. When you visit a dental clinic for an oral check-up, it helps your dentist identify any potential symptoms of oral disorders at the early stages of its development.You can visit Kakar Dental Group for routine dental check-ups. During your dental check-up appointments, pediatric dentists at Kakar Dental Group will check for cavities, plaque, and tartar on your kid’s teeth. If any symptoms are found, suitable treatment will be suggested to keep your kid’s teeth and gums healthy.
  2. Pediatric Dental Filling: Tooth decay (also known as Dental Caries) is one of the most common oral problems that a kid can experience because of his/her eating habits. Excess consumption of sugary food leads to the growth of certain germs known as mutans streptococcus; hence, a professional dental filling is required to protect the teeth from decay, and also to avoid any further damage to gums. At Kakar Dental Group, we offer pediatric dental filling to restore the decayed tooth and to improve the function of the jaw for chewing and biting.
  3. Pediatric Dental Cleaning: Professional dental cleaning is not just about keeping your smile bright, but it also has a significant impact on overall dental health. Periodic dental cleaning is extremely important for kids because it protects their teeth and gums from unexpected dental problems. When you visit Kakar Dental Group for a dental cleaning, your teeth are cleaned and polished with special dental tools that thoroughly removes the dental film, traces of food, and plaque. Moreover, if there is any tartar or calculus build-up around your teeth, our dentist will perform a deeper cleaning with a scaling and root planning tool.

Apart from the above-mentioned dental treatments, Kakar Dental Group also offers plenty of cosmetic and restorative dental treatments in Falls Church. From teeth whitening to teeth straightening and from dental veneers to dental implants, Kakar Dental Group offers complete dental solutions to all the members in the family under one roof.  To know more about the pediatric dental treatments and cosmetic dental treatments offered at Kakar Dental Group, please visit our website at To schedule appointments for dental treatments, you can call us at 703-534-1611.

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