What age should a child first see a dentist? If you have ever Googled this you are one of many parents who wondered the same question. 

We recommend you bring your child for their first oral examination shortly after their first baby tooth appears or around their first birthday.

The initial visit may include a full exam of the teeth, jaws, bite and gums to assess growth and development. If necessary your child may also have a gentle cleaning.

This is the beginning of your child’s lifelong journey of visiting the dentist. It’s important to start oral health care early to ensure everything is as it should be. It also introduces your child to the experience of visiting the dentist. 

Here are some ways to prepare your little one for their first adventure at the dentist.

  • The night before the appointment make sure your little one gets a good night’s rest and sleeps well so they are in the best frame of mind.
  • On the day explain to your child where you are going and express that it will be fun and exciting. 
  • Take a favorite toy or blanket along for emotional comfort. 
  • Use positive language. Refrain from using words like, “let’s be brave,” or “it’s going to be okay.” 
  • If your child has a cold or any sickness please reschedule the appointment.
The kid washing teeth

When you get your Kakar Dental Group clinic you can be assured our staff will take good care of your child and are experienced working with children of all ages. 

Perhaps your child is near school-age and you are visiting the clinic for the first time. In that case, if they are displaying feelings of being unsettled or unhappy about being at the dentist we take our time and help your child feel relaxed. Nothing is forced or pushed. Even if your child simply sits in the dentist’s chair and holds some of the instruments and agrees to come back soon it is great. It is a step in the right direction. 

Most children are fine after they meet our friendly staff and leave all smiles. We pride ourselves in giving patients a positive experience in our warm and caring environment in Tysons Corner, Falls Church, Fredericksburg and Manassas of Virginia and the surrounding areas. ‘

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