Dental cleaning is an oral health treatment that everyone should pursue regularly. It is a cost-effective and efficient way to clean your teeth and gums thoroughly. However, there are more pleasant treatments to get. Some people can experience pain when they get dental cleaning, and below are reasons as to why dental cleaning can hurt so much.


Sensitive teeth

If you have sensitive teeth, you will likely experience pain or discomfort when you get your teeth deep cleaned.  Whether your teeth have thin enamel or you have root issues around the tooth, you will likely experience discomfort when the dentist performs a deep clean of your teeth.


Old dental work

If you have had teeth problems before and had dental work done to fix the issues, such as root canal fillings or crowns, these areas might be sensitive. Hence, you might experience pain or discomfort in these areas when the dentist is cleaning your teeth. Dental Cleaning Hurt If you have had teeth problems before.


Gum problems

It can be rare for people to experience some problems, but if you do, it might be another reason you are experiencing pain and discomfort when you are cleaning your teeth.

An infection of the gums is inflamed. Gums will guarantee to cause some level of discomfort when the cleaning is going on. If you haven’t had dental cleaning before, it might hurt more.

Anyone that has never experienced dental cleaning might experience a higher level of pain or discomfort the first time they get their teeth cleaned.



Sometimes the more pain and discomfort from dental cleaning is due to dental anxiety.

If you feel stressed or anxious about going to the dentist, then anything they do will affect you more. Try to remain calm and reduce your stress levels before you head to the dentist, as it might help reduce the pain and discomfort you often experience when deep cleaning your teeth.


An issue due to the dental practitioner you use

Although all dental practitioners are expertly trained, some might have varying techniques compared to the majority. If your dentist is highly skilled in teeth and gum cleaning, you will likely experience minimal discomfort and pain. However, if your dentist is fairly new to dental cleaning and has just received their qualifications, you might experience more pain.

If you want to ensure that your dental practitioner has lots of experience to achieve maximum comfort when getting your teeth clean, then ask them about their experience and when they got qualified. It can also help to look into their reviews, especially for their dental cleaning services, to know the experience will be as comfortable as possible.

Now you know Why Does Dental Cleaning Hurt So Much? and can offer discomfort. You can feel calmer when going into your dental cleaning sessions. There is no need to worry as the pain and discomfort can only last for a few minutes while they are cleaning.