What You Need To Know About Baby Teeth?

For your child’s oral health and development, those little white baby teeth are very important.

They are vital for eating, speaking and giving you that adorable smile you love so much.

The baby teeth are used for chewing and eating. So every day, they are used when your child eats breakfast, lunch and dinner. Without those healthy baby teeth, your little one can’t munch on the fruit and vegetables full of fiber, vitamins and minerals. 

Without baby teeth, your child’s speech would be affected or impaired and pronunciation of many words and sounds would be difficult. The teeth also support the forming facial muscles that give shape and definition to your child’s face. 

Also, they keep space in the jaw for the permanent teeth that grow through later in life. If a baby tooth comes out too early due to cavity and decay or other reasons, it can damage the natural growth of the adult teeth. The other baby teeth can move into the space, so when the permanent tooth comes, there isn’t enough room for it to grow properly.

If the baby teeth are damaged, unhealthy and decayed, it affects the permanent teeth coming through. An adult tooth could suffer from permanent damage before it appears if the baby teeth aren’t maintained and looked after properly. 

Also known as primary teeth, the baby teeth also play a part in your child’s emotional and social development, self-esteem and confidence. If the baby teeth have cavities, they may feel some discomfort or pain. It can affect their school life socially and also academically if they can focus on their studies.

The kid washing teeth

When your child grows baby teeth, you can teach them how to take care of their teeth by flossing, cleaning and brushing. They will take these excellent oral health habits into adulthood with them. What you teach them today will benefit them for a lifetime.

So many reasons why baby teeth are essential to your child’s health and wellbeing. At Kakar Dental Group, we love those baby teeth as much as the adult teeth, which need to last a lifetime. Visit our pediatric dentist in Tyson, Falls Church any time to discuss how we can help your little one

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