Do you want to learn how to drain a tooth abscess at home? If you have a tooth abscess, you’re likely dealing with a lot of pain, and draining it is one of the best ways to receive relief. It’s also essential to prevent the abscess from getting bigger and causing more problems or infections. 

This blog will explain how to treat tooth abscesses safely and drain them from your mouth.  


How To Drain A Tooth Abscess At Home

We have bad news if you want to drain a tooth abscess at home. This is something to attempt with professional dental supervision. Never try to pop your abscess or place anything in your mouth to drain it! 


Why Should You Avoid Learning How To Drain A Tooth Abscess At Home?

The reason we recommend not draining a tooth abscess at home is simple. You are not a dental professional or have safe and sterile dental surgery. This means you’re probably going to make the problem worse. Popping an abscess with something sharp will lead to a worse infection and could cause the infection to spread to other teeth. It would help if you also had the right drainage tools so the pus drains out of your mouth rather than into it. A dentist will put you in a clean room and use sterile tools to pop your tooth abscess and drain it. This minimizes the infection risk and ensures that any pus from the abscess doesn’t go down your throat. 


What Treatments Are Available For Tooth Abscesses?

Draining your abscess helps remove pus from your mouth, but this doesn’t necessarily eliminate the issue. These four treatments may be required after drainage:  

  • Dental Cleaning removes bacteria and plaque from your mouth so the abscess can’t form again. 
  • Root Canals – Tooth abscesses are formed when your teeth are cracked or decayed. Decay causes massive holes in your teeth that become infected, so a root canal removes the infection and fills in the deep hole. 
  • Extraction – If your tooth is severely infected or heavily damaged, extracting it might be the best solution. Without an infected or damaged tooth, there’s no place for the abscess to reform. 
  • Fillings – To avoid extracting your tooth, fillings are often used to restore cracks or gaps. 


How To Treat A Tooth Abscess At Home

Instead of figuring out how to drain a tooth abscess at home, learn how to treat it safely. You won’t be able to remove the abscess, but you can ease the pain using these methods: 

  • Apply a cold compress to the area to reduce swelling and numb the pain
  • Take over-the-counter pain medication to ease the pain
  • Rinse your mouth with a saltwater solution to help clean the area and reduce pain


Get Professional Tooth Abscess Treatment Today! 

When a tooth abscess appears, it needs professional dental treatment. Do not attempt to pop or drain the abscess yourself – contact us instead. Call our team, or request an appointment via our website, and we’ll book you in as soon as possible.