What orthodontic treatment options are available?

Based on their experience and expertise in recognizing the facial irregularities and tooth movements, an orthodontist will suggest you the treatment options best for you and your child.

There are orthodontic treatments to suit different lifestyles and needs, such as metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual (invisible) braces, and clear aligners. It is recommended to visit an orthodontist nearby to conclude the treatment options that are best for you based on your existing dental health.

How Do I Know If I Need to Visit an Orthodontist?

You need to visit an orthodontist if you have any of the following:

  • Overbite – Also known as “buck teeth”, overbite is a dental condition in which the upper front teeth lie too far forward over the lower teeth.
  • Underbite – Also known as prognathism, an underbite is a dental condition in which the lower teeth extend outward farther than the upper front teeth.
  • Crossbite – Crossbite is a dental condition in which there is a misalignment between the front teeth or back teeth or both. Crossbite can have serious effects on your health.
  • Open Bite – Open bite is a dental condition in which there is a space between the biting surfaces of the front and/or side teeth when the back teeth bite together.
  • Spacing (Diastema) – Diastema is a dental condition in which there is a gap or space between two teeth. Diastemata is common for children and can exist in adult teeth as well.
  • Crowded teeth: It is a dental condition in which is the lack of space for all the teeth to fit normally within the jaws. Crowded teeth can make it hard to brush and floss as well.

Find a Specialist Orthodontist

If you or your kid are a victim of any of the above listed dental conditions, then it is advisable to find a specialist orthodontist near you and schedule a consultation at the earliest. If you are living in Falls Church or nearby areas, then you can contact orthodontists at Kakar Dental Group.

At Kakar Dental Group, we understand that every patient is unique and deserves to receive special orthodontic care. Our team of experienced and qualified orthodontists closely works with patients to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience every time they visit our dental office. If you need orthodontic treatment in Falls Church, then we are pleased to welcome you and your family, and we look forward to working with you.

To learn more about our orthodontic treatments in Falls Church, please visit us at https://kakardentalgroup.com/services/orthodontics. To schedule an appointment online, please contact us at https://kakardentalgroup.com/contact-us or call us at 703-534-1611.