The tooth fairy is a classic and loved fantasy figure worldwide, especially in their childhood. You may have wondered what the tooth fairy does with all the teeth at one point or another. If you have, it’s likely because your child asked you that question, and you’re at a loss for words regarding what answer to give. One thing the tooth fairy’s name suggests is that they collect teeth. But what does the tooth fairy do with all the teeth? This article discusses this in detail. 

How Do Tooth Fairies Collect Teeth?

Tooth fairies are very special fairies whose job is to collect the milk teeth of young children after it has fallen out. After picking the teeth from under a child’s pillow, they slide in a coin in its place so you know they’ve been around and done their job. And no, kids can’t stay up late to wait for them because you might not see them. With that said, how do these special fairies collect teeth? Losing a tooth for the first time is a unique experience, and many parents make it a point to mark it with a visit from a particular fairy to collect it. Fairies are believed to visit different kids worldwide, collecting their milk teeth. 

What Does The Tooth Fairy Do With All The Teeth?

Let’s move onto the big question. What does the tooth fairy do with all the teeth?

  • Tooth fairies use some of the collected teeth to build their fairy kingdom. Have you ever noticed how solid and pristine white a tooth is? It’s perfect for these little fairies to make their solid and white fairy castles.
  • Some tooth fairies also use milk teeth to make magical fairy dust. Do you know that fairies fly? Have you wondered how? Well, they use fairy dust. That’s what makes them fly into rooms and collect teeth. Now how do they make their magical fairy dust? With the collected milk teeth. They use strong magic to grind the teeth into the dust they need. Teeth are firm but not too strong for a fairy’s magic.
  • Tooth fairies are not selfish, and therefore, they don’t use all the teeth collected for themselves. Instead, they help dentists make beautiful dental implants; thanks to the teeth they collect. That puts gorgeous smiles on the faces of people who have also lost their teeth.  
  • Babies get their first teeth too. Tooth fairies love babies, so they reserve some collected teeth for them. Babies have no teeth when they’re born, but fairies know how to plant unique teeth into their gums, and they use some of what they collect from under kids’ pillows.
  • What do you see when you look up at night? Beautiful and shiny stars, right? Well, it’s widely believed that some stars are collected teeth. Fairies use their magic to brighten each tooth until sparkling white, filling the sky with them.
  • Did you know that tooth fairies love gifts too? And guess what gift they love the most – shiny, white ones. A tooth fairy sometimes gifts the teeth they collected to other sprites. 


Tooth fairies collect milk teeth, but they’d rather kids always have healthy teeth. You want your tooth fairy to have nice teeth to manage, don’t you? Schedule a visit to a dentist to ensure your little ones always wear a healthy and sparkling smile. Contact us today for our wide range of pediatric dental services.