If you believe that your child will never have a cavity, then that’s not the reality. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Association (AAPD), the majority of children will end up having dental cavities at least once during their lifetime. However, there’s no need to worry much about it as it’s not the end of the world. There are plenty of skilled and educated pediatric dentists available in every part of the world with great treatment options to take care of dental cavities.

If you are a resident of Falls Church, and if you fear about dental cavities in your kid’s teeth, then visit Tysons Pediatric Dentist at Kakar Dental Group for effective treatment options for dental cavities. By treating this dental problem in the most professional manner, you can check the damage and give your kid a better chance at avoiding tooth decay in the future.

How a Pediatric Dentist in Falls Church Fixes Cavities for Kids:

Treatment for Small Cavities in Kids

If your child is showing the symptoms of tooth decay, then let’s hope it is of the mild variety. In the case of a small dental cavity in kid’s tooth, a pediatric dentist in Falls Church opens up the upper surface of the decayed tooth and thoroughly cleans the decayed portion using appropriate antibiotics and medicines. After proper cleaning, the area is then filled with a resin. To cover the upper surface of the tooth, the dentist will use a tooth-colored resin, so that the filling isn’t noticeable. After dental filling, the cavity won’t return, and the tooth is basically recovered.

Treatment for Larger Cavities in Kids

If the cavity has reached to the tooth’s nerve, then it is considered as a larger cavity, and it requires a more serious dental treatment. As treatment options, a pediatric dentist at Falls Church will first consider “Pulpotomy” – in this treatment, the nerve is treated according to the severity of the case, and a crown is placed over the tooth after the treatment. If Pulpotomy is not the treatment option, then the dentist will consider having the tooth extracted. Tooth extraction is the treatment option in the worst scenario; however, in most cases, the dentist can save the tooth with the help of dental filling or pulpotomy.

Why Kids Are Always at a Risk of Tooth Decay?

All kids have bacteria in their mouth. All children are at risk for tooth decay. The following may raise your child’s risk for tooth decay:

  • High levels of the bacteria that cause cavities
  • A diet high in sugars and starches
  • Water supply that has limited or no fluoride in it
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Less saliva flow than normal

Visit a Pediatric Dentist in Falls Church

A periodic dental visit is one of the most effective ways to save your kids’ teeth from the most common dental problems such as tooth decay and gum diseases. During the routine dental check-ups, a pediatric dentist in Falls Church thoroughly examines the overall health of teeth and gums and suggests the proper treatment plan if any threat is found.

If you are a resident of Tysons Corner or Falls Church and are worried about your kids’ oral health then, it’s time to schedule an appointment with the team of Kids Dentist at Kakar Dental Group in Falls Church. The principal pediatric dentist, Dr. Sonu Kakar, and his team are honored for skillfully handling various dental problems for kids of all ages. Dr. Kakar and his team of kids dentists in Falls Church are trained to treat the oral and dental needs of young patients in a relaxed atmosphere where they feel comfortable and welcomed.

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