We all know that regular dental check-ups are extremely important for our oral health, but do you know that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) also recommends routine dental check-ups for the kids of all ages. According to the pediatric dentist in Falls Church, routine dental check-ups of kids allow them to identify any potential systems of hidden disease in the mouth. Along with routine dental check-ups, the dentist at Kakar Dental Group also insists on kid’s dental cleaning once every six months. Periodic dental cleanings remove plaque and tartar accumulation, which can worsen if not addressed on time.

Considering the benefits of the dental cleaning, it is quite advisable to get your child’s teeth cleaned by an experienced pediatric dentist at least once every six months. Professional teeth cleaning not only benefits your kid’s teeth and gums, but a routine of professional teeth cleaning also helps with maintaining your kid’s oral and overall health.

What’s involved in professional teeth cleaning?

Kid’s dental cleaning is a smooth-going and non-painful dental treatment. During your child’s visit to Kakar Dental Group for a pediatric dental cleaning in Falls Church, our kid’s dentist will do the following:

  • Carefully remove the calculus (calculus is a hardened plaque that sticks to the tooth enamel, and it can only be removed using special dental instruments)
  • Remove sticky plaque and other particles that have accumulated on the teeth surface and act as a breeding ground for living bacteria
  • Polish your kid’s teeth to remove stains
  • Give your kids some really useful oral hygiene tips

Why should my child have his teeth cleaned every six months?

Professional dental cleaning is rewarding for both kids and adults, and it’s not just about your kids. Kid’s dentist at Kakar Dental Group recommends professional teeth cleaning for every kid at least twice a year. Professional teeth cleaning also serves as an early warning system for your dental health.

When you take your child for teeth cleaning in Falls Church, the dentist and hygienist can look for signs of other potential dental diseases, such as receding gums, cavities, or other hidden dental problems, and get an early start on correcting them.

Is there a link between healthy teeth and overall health?

Yes, oral health is directly connected to overall health. There are hundreds of scientific data available that prove the connection between oral health and overall health.

Additionally, new research has concluded that if your oral health is poor, then there may also be other health problems. For instance, oral problems such as bad breath and bleeding gums can be a signal of diabetes, whereas gum disease can be a sign of heart problems.

Kids Dental Cleaning in Falls Church at Kakar Dental Group

Professional dental cleaning is extremely important, and you are a resident of Falls Church, VA, then we suggest you to contact the pediatric dentist at Kakar Dental Group. Make your kid’s dental cleaning appointment now by calling Dr. Sonu Kakar at 703-534-1611. To learn more about the treatment, you can also visit http://bit.ly/2tuby6U.

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