We understand that like other patients, you also want your kids to eat a nutritious diet, and enjoy their food too. Like millions of other Americans, if your child is wearing braces, then you need to make some changes to their eating and oral care habits. Here are some useful dietary tips by an orthodontist in Falls Church if your child is wearing braces, and they are:

Avoid Hard Food

It has been observed in many cases that the braces got damaged due to eating the wrong good or eating the food in the wrong way. If your child is wearing braces, then you need to make sure that your child is not eating hard food that might break the arch wire or a bracket. Some sticky food items can also damage the braces; therefore, they should be avoided as well. After all these precautionary measures, if your child’s braces get damaged, then it is favorable to visit an orthodontic dentist in Falls Church. Damaged braces are ineffective until the repair has been done, and this stretch the time your child will be wearing braces.

Eat Stainless Food

There are some food items and drinks that can result in staining your child’s teeth. If your child is wearing braces, then these food items and drinks must be avoided, and this is because while a brace is fitted, it can be difficult for your child to clean their teeth thoroughly. According to an Orthodontics dentist in Falls Church, when your child is wearing braces, some surfaces of the teeth are covered by the brackets, and other parts are exposed, and this makes teeth cleaning uneven and improper. This makes cleaning uneven and so patches of your child’s teeth can be stained while others are unstained.

If you want to protect your kid’s teeth from stains, then it’s best to remove the problem food and drinks from your child’s diet. Also, try to avoid sugary food, as they are the main culprit for the cause of tooth decay.

Chew It Right

Eating the right food is the first part of the story. If your child is wearing braces, then according to an orthodontics dentist in Falls Church at Kakar Dental Group, you must help them in adjusting their eating techniques to protect their braces and teeth. For instance, many kids love to eat an apple or other hard fruit by biting into it. Eating fruits like apple is really good for health, and you must not discourage this good eating habit, but the problem is this biting technique, which can potentially damage their braces.

Educate your child about the right eating technique when they are wearing braces. Show your kids that they can chew the harder food like apples and carrots with the teeth at the back of their mouth rather than their front teeth. This technique will mean they can protect their brace and still enjoy delicious fruit and raw vegetables.

Contact an Orthodontic Dentist in Falls Church

Life after wearing braces might be a little frustrating for a few weeks or months, but once you are aware of all the right techniques, it will be fine. If your child is wearing braces and facing any issues with the braces while eating or even during oral care routine, then feel free to contact Falls Church orthodontist at Kakar Dental Group.

For more advice on living with braces, then feel free to contact orthodontics dentist in Falls Church at 703-534-1611. To learn more about the treatment, you can visit our website at

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