Baby’s Teeth Coming In Wrong Order 

Baby teeth coming in is part of your child’s natural development. During the first couple of years of their life, they will get most of their primary (also known as ‘baby’) teeth. Baby’s Teeth Coming In Wrong Order is our topic in this article.

What many parents don’t know, however, is that this growth should come in a specific order. For many children, their baby teeth may come in the wrong sequence.

Read on to find out how a dentist can help with your child’s baby’s teeth coming in the wrong order.

Does It Matter What Order Teeth Grow In?

Normally, baby teeth grow in a very specific order according to age. Don’t worry if your child develops earlier or is a bit slow to start. You might even find that your baby is born with a near-complete set of baby teeth.

If you’re concerned about your baby’s teeth coming in the wrong order, it’s a great idea to take your baby to a pediatric dentist who can advise and offer support.

What Is The Typical Order For Each Tooth To Grow In?

Usually, they will grow in the following order:

  1.         The central incisors develop first
  2.         These are followed by the lateral incisors
  3.         First molars then develop. These are the molars closest to the front
  4.         The canines at the front come next
  5.         Finally, the second molars develop. These are further back

The lower set often arrives first. And while this is the typical order, every set grows differently. This is simply another thing that makes your baby unique.

What Problems Arise from My Baby’s Teeth Coming in the Wrong Order?

It’s entirely possible (and common) for your baby’s canines or molars to grow in the wrong order. This can lead to some issues.

One problem is that your child could have too many teeth, which can cause crowding. Since the primary set is distinctly smaller than the adult set, there are typically some gaps at this point.

This means that their ‘adult’ set will have more room. It also lets them grow in much more comfortably.

If you think your child has an issue with overcrowding, see a dentist – this can sometimes lead to losing teeth early and infections. 

Make sure you’re looking after your baby’s gnashers long before they grow in. You might want to regularly brush your baby’s gums or even massage them gently with a washcloth. 

Help From Your Family Dentist

While there are things you can do at home to promote your child’s dental health, a pediatric dentist is the most important part of the equation. Make an appointment today to ensure your baby’s dental health in the future.


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