You probably know the benefits of brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice daily. Despite their advantages, they are not enough to keep your oral dentition in optimal shape. This is because what you eat and drink can either strengthen or destroy your teeth. This makes you wonder if citric acid affects teeth. Read on to learn more. 

What citric acid is

Citric acid is something that everyone is familiar with. It is present in almost every packaged food and some fruit but what exactly is citric acid, and how can it influence your dental health? Citric acid is a component of fruits like lemons, limes, oranges, and berries. The sharp taste your tongue perceives after taking lemons is citric acid. You can also find it in packaged drinks and foods such as energy drinks, fruit juices, sour candies, fermented foods, and sodas. Vitamin C tablets, pickled veggies, and sour beer also contain citric acid. It’s no news that manufacturers use this substance to preserve packed foods so they don’t spoil in the shortest possible time. You can say that citric acid has its perks, but will your teeth be a part of the beneficiaries? The next point will shed more light. 

How can citric acid destroy your teeth? 

Now you have more information on citric acid, where it is present, and what it is used for; however, this acid can have severe consequences on your gums and teeth. Dental experts agree that the PH level of your saliva should be in the range of 6.5 to 7.5. This information can help you understand how this substance can change your oral environment. 

Your enamel is not safe from citric acid. 

Despite how strong your enamel is, it can stand the effects of constant exposure to citric acid. When you take food or drinks that are high in acidity, the PH levels in your mouth can become lower. However, your enamel will lose its strength in this kind of environment. It won’t be strange if your teeth start to crack or chip. This can be bad news if you love hot tea or ice cream, as your teeth will become extra sensitive. 

Say goodbye to sparkling white teeth. 

You can also say goodbye to your sparkling white teeth if you constantly take foods with high citric acid content. Your enamel will give way to dentin with a highly noticeable yellowish color. This color will not come off even if you brush your teeth vigorously. 

Canker sores become a regular thing in your mouth.

If you love high-acidity fruits or soda, your mouth will not be a stranger to canker sores. These painful ulcers love to attack your gums and any soft tissue in your mouth. This is because citric acid can be harsh on these areas, causing them to become inflamed and irritated.