Dear Patients,

To keep our patients updated on the rapidly changing situation regarding the COVID-19 disaster, we wanted to inform you about the new dental provider guidelines from the State of Virginia.

The government has issued an Executive Order according to which the dentists are asked to postpone all the non-urgent dental appointments until after April 21, 2020. Considering this mandate, we have closed all our dental offices.

Kakar Dental Group will only be able to provide emergency dental care to patients. We will continue to have staff available to answer your phone calls in case of emergency. To request an emergency appointment, please call us at 703-534-1611.

If you have an appointment with us during the pandemic, please be sure to check your voicemails and or read your text messages as we are using these channels as backup if we cannot reach you over the phone. You can also call us to confirm the status of your appointment with us. We thank you for your patience in this situation.


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