It’s not only about dental diseases, but if you leave any disorder unnoticed or untreated, then it will become more severe in the next couple of days. The longer you leave them alone they get more serious, irritating, and expensive (in terms of treatment). The best and the most recommended way to deal with a possible dental disorder is to address it right away. The faster you visit a dental office in your surroundings to seek professional advice and treatment, the lower are the chances of dental problems becoming something serious and weighty.

Whether it’s oral health or the entire body, you need to be proactive to stay healthy and sound. In case of dental health, if you suspect any abnormalities with your oral health, then it’s always better to be safe than sorry. According to dentists in Falls church, if you find any of the below-mentioned symptoms, then you should see your dentist straightway.

Signs That Indicates You Need Urgent Dental Care

  1. Bleeding Gums: Bleeding gums are a sign of dental disorder, but it does not demand immediate medical attention every time. So, do not panic and label it as a dental emergency. Yes, bleeding gums indicate that your oral health is not in great health, and requires immediate medical attention to check the growth of the disorder. Typically, gums start to bleed because of the early stages of gingivitis. Gingivitis is one of the most common dental disorders that is caused when plaque irritates the gums, making them red, swollen, and sometimes bleed. Gingivitis is a minor gum disease, but it can lead to a serious dental problem if it isn’t addressed on time.

Fortunately, bleeding gums can be treated easily and efficiently. When you visit a dental office like Kakar Dental Group in Falls Church, the dentists will clean off the plaque irritating the gums to help you get rid of gingivitis. If you notice that your gums are bleeding while eating or brushing, then contact your dentist immediately. Even if the cause of the bleeding isn’t serious, your dentist can stop it from becoming serious.

  1. Experience Pain While Chewing: There are couple of reasons why you may experience pain while chewing the food, but not all of them are dental problems worth immediate attention. Different types of chewing pain may be a sign of different dental problems. If your teeth are extremely sensitive to cold and hot, then it is because of the gums or enamel over the sensitive dentin has been lost. If your teeth are temperature sensitive, then you will experience a sharp “Stinging” pain when you drink or eat something cold or hot. If a tooth hurts when you bite down, one or more of your teeth may be cracked or damaged.

Whatever is the reason behind the pain you experience while chewing or drinking, dentists in Falls Church firmly recommend you to seek dental care as urgently as possible. A dentist at Kakar Dental Group will analyze the reasons behind the pain and plan the course of treatment accordingly to prevent further damage. Whatever is the problem, an experienced dentist can easily fix it.

  1. Swollen Jaw or Mouth: Swelling is a sign of a serious dental problem. Along with swelling, you may also experience severe tooth pain, sensitivity, and a continuous bad taste in your mouth. Each of these symptoms is a sign of an infection known as a dental abscess. A dental abscess is a dental disorder that is caused when bacteria multiply and break down the surrounding tissues. If this disorder is left untreated, it can have some fatal dental and medical consequences.

Do not ignore dental abscess, because the longer you ignore the abscess, the higher are the chances of spreading of infection to other parts of the body. If you suspect you have an abscess, then dentists in Falls Church recommend you to visit a dental office at the earliest.

  1. Broken or Chipped Tooth: Teeth are not indestructible; hence, they get broken and chipped due to injury. Your teeth can chip, break, or crack for all kinds of reasons. If your teeth are damaged due to decay or accident, then you must always address the damage urgently. Any amount of damage compromises that tooth’s structural integrity. Even a tiny crack can grow into a larger problem quickly.

Visit a dental office to fix a damaged tooth quickly and effectively. There are different types of dental treatments available, depending on the type and depth of damage.

Contact Dentists in Falls Church:

If you have any of these symptoms, don’t wait. Contact dentists in Falls Church right away to receive urgent dental care. At Kakar Dental Group, we have a team of highly skilled and qualified dentists in Falls Church to offer you urgent dental care for any dental problems. Experienced dentists at Kakar Dental Group can help you prevent serious problems.

To schedule an appointment for a routine dental check-up, you can call us at 703-534-1611 or visit us at https://kakardentalgroup.com.

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