Everyone’s dental environment is unique, and sometimes, that can lead to unexpected outcomes. If you notice an abnormality, it’s easy to feel worried or dismayed. Never fear – because dentists and cosmetic surgeons can address many issues, even providing full-scale dental replacements for those that have lost their teeth. An uncommon but still-possible dental issue can include a tooth growing in your upper gums. While not the most common abnormality, this can happen, especially as your body replaces your milk teeth with your adult set.

In this post, we’ll discuss what to do in this situation.


Promptly take action.

It’s important to stay calm and understand that this issue can be resolved. Note the location of the tooth, its size, and shape, and if it’s bringing you any discomfort. If your gums are bleeding or you see any signs of infection, it’s essential to call your dentist as soon as possible.

Your dental expert at Kakar Dental Group will undergo a comprehensive inspection to understand the scope of the unexpected tooth. They may request an X-Ray to gain a clear picture. This will enable them to determine the best course of treatment and the risk to the rest of your dental environment.


Consider orthodontic or extraction methods.

Your dentist will make an assessment based on your dental environment’s health and the tooth’s potential future. In some cases, this tooth could be redirected to grow in the right direction and contribute to your set of teeth well. As you can see – sometimes a tooth growing in this location is not a case for immediate removal. However, extraction may be the next step if the tooth is causing discomfort or infections or cannot be reoriented safely. This dental surgery will most often be performed under local anesthesia for a quick and painless solution.


Pursue your aftercare correctly.

Once a course of treatment has been identified and executed, you will be asked to follow a specific aftercare plan. This might include wearing braces, using ice packs to remove the swelling, or returning for regular visits to ensure your brace headgear can be appropriately adjusted. As with any issues affecting the gums, practicing effective dental hygiene care is essential. That may require regular gentle brushing, flossing, or mouthwash. Suppose one tooth grows in your upper gums. In that case, you may also encounter another, so your dentist may recommend increasing your frequency of checkups or keeping a good watch over your dental environment.


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