To see a knocked-out tooth can be a scary experience. There is likely to be blood, crying and some shock. Let’s find out about the first-aid procedure to follow if your child (or an adult) loses a tooth in an accident.

First of all, don’t panic. Children are very sensitive to people and will feed off your calm energy if you can stay level-headed and in control.

If you are on the sports field or at an event, see if there are medical gloves available. Always keep them in your first aid kit at home and in the car. If you don’t have gloves try to wash your hands.

Place the patient in a position so they can’t choke on any blood and use tissues, fabric or anything you have on hand to control the bleeding. 

If someone else is nearby, ask them to start searching for the tooth. If you can find it, gently and carefully, put the tooth back in the gum socket after cleaning it with water or milk if necessary if it’s a permanent tooth. If it is a baby tooth, there’s no need to put it back.

If you can’t find the tooth, a dentist check as soon as possible is still recommended.

Make sure the child keeps their mouth as still as possible. Biting down on a soft piece of cotton or fabric can help. Tell them to be careful not to swallow the tooth if it dislodges again.

When the patient is calm, call us at Kakar Dental Group and we will be on standby for emergency service. Try to reach our clinic within 30 minutes of the accident to give us the best chance to save the tooth. If you are too far away from our clinic, still call us, but head to the nearest hospital emergency room.

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