What Are the Causes of White Spots on Children’s Teeth?

Nothing lights up the room like your child’s smile. Parents admire their kiddos’ pearly whites daily, routinely caring for them and instilling proper dental hygiene habits to promote lifelong oral and overall health. Causes of White Spots on Children’s Teeth are our topic to explain now.

So, it’s natural for parents to notice the moment anything’s amiss with their kids’ mouths. One common concern brought to pediatric dentists is the appearance of white spots on kids’ teeth.

Let’s explore some of the typical underlying causes of white spots on baby teeth.

A Diet High in Acid or Sugar

An extremely acidic or sugary diet might be behind the white spots on your baby’s teeth. Cold and heat sensitivity can also be a sign that discoloration could be diet-based.

If lighter specks have suddenly appeared on your little one’s enamel, try helping them cut back on things like soda and citrus.

Too Much Ingested Fluoride

Fluoride is frequently found in drinking water as well as many kinds of toothpaste, and ingesting too much can cause dental discoloration and decay. When consumed in excess, it can cause fluorosis.

Fluoridated water isn’t cause for concern, but it’s always wise to watch out while kids brush to encourage thorough swishing and spitting rather than swallowing.

Underdeveloped Enamel

A condition called enamel hypoplasia – in which tooth enamel is underdeveloped – can also be responsible for white spots on baby teeth. Several factors contribute to enamel hypoplasia, such as infections, trauma, malnutrition, and premature birth.

Enamel hypoplasia can stem from genetic predisposition, and pediatric primary care and dental health professionals will be most helpful in identifying and assisting with the condition.

Recently Removed Braces

Did your child just get their braces off? Following the removal of brackets, sometimes kids’ chompers are left with marks. This is likely due to plaque buildup.

Once those brackets are no longer in the way, your dentist can help address plaque-related white spots on your kids’ teeth.

Dehydrated Enamel

Overexposure to air during the night can dehydrate kids’ enamel and leave white spots on baby teeth. These white spots on kids’ teeth tend to fade away once rehydrated. If you notice your children’s teeth have blemishes that disappear after a few hours, this could be the culprit.

It may be worth exploring whether your child is sleeping open-mouthed as a result of easily resolved nasal congestion.

Causes of White Spots on Children’s Teeth: In Conclusion

Whether they stem from internal or external causes, white spots on baby teeth are a common occurrence. While they’re usually not indicative of a serious problem, white spots on kids’ teeth are often treatable.

By scheduling regular teeth cleanings and promoting healthy oral upkeep, parents can make sure their kids’ dental development is going as smoothly as possible, white spots or none. If you reside in Arlington, VA, our team of skilled pediatric dentists can assist in protecting your children’s teeth.