The COVID19 pandemic is one of the most unfortunate times in the human race. It not only disrupted the global economy but also made it hard for people to overcome the aftershocks even after a year. Along with the negative impact on the global economy, the coronavirus has raised many health issues among adults and kids, and dental problems is one of them. Due to interrupted routines, unhealthy eating habits, and lack of oral care, many individuals (both kids and adults) in Virginia and across the US are complaining about dental problems.

Similar to other parents in Virginia, are you worried about your kids’ oral health? You are not sure what steps should be taken to uphold your child’s oral health? Then here are some useful tips by a pediatric dentist in Tysons Corner (@Kakar Dental Group) to help your kids stay away from dental problems even during the pandemic, and they are:

  1. Make your child follow an oral care routine: That’s the first step to protect your kids from any kind of dental problems amid the COVID19 pandemic. Daily brushing (twice a day) and flossing will certainly keep dental problems at a bay. Moreover, maintaining an oral care routine will also eliminate plaque and bacteria buildup on the surface of your kid’s teeth and reduce the chances of dental cavities. For optimum results out of the daily oral care routine, please ensure that your child is brushing teeth for at least 2 minutes.
  1. Keep your child away from the food that damages the teeth: If you want to protect your kids’ teeth and gums, and avoid a visit to a dental clinic amid the COVID19 pandemic, then along with a strict oral care routine, you should maintain a healthy diet routine for your kids. There are certain food items such as chocolate, ice cream, candies, and other high-sugar content and sticky food items that can lead to dental cavities, and these food items must be limited/excluded from your kids’ diet. In addition, make sure that your kids are not eating anything that is excessively hard, chunky, or sticky because these hard food items can possibly cause chips, fractures, and even dislodged dental fillings. Thus, it is advised to temporarily avoid these food items.
  1. Ask them to stop bad oral habits: The final step to protect your kids from oral problems is to make them understand the difference between good oral habits and bad oral habits. It will also prevent any dental emergencies from occurring. Ask your kids to stop bad habits such as biting nails, chewing toys, chewing ice, or using their teeth to hold or open things. In short, stop your child from using their teeth for anything besides eating.

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According to a pediatric dentist in Tysons Corner (@Kakar Dental Group), you can easily protect your kids’ teeth amid the COVID19 pandemic by following these oral care tips. However, visiting a pediatric dental office like Kakar Dental Clinic is highly recommended at least twice a year. According to a pediatric dentist in Tysons Corner at Kakar Dental Group, periodic dental visits eliminate the chances of plaque buildup and other dental problems.

If you have any questions related to kid’s oral care or want to schedule a routine dental checkup with a pediatric dentist in Falls Church, then please contact Kakar Dental Group at To schedule an appointment over a phone call, please call us at 703-534-1611.

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