What is the best age for children to get braces? If you think your child may need braces, a checkup at the dentist is recommended. 

Your dentist may tell you it is likely your child needs braces before they are old enough to get them. Signs your child might need braces are:

  • crowded or misaligned teeth
  • trouble eating
  • late arrival of baby teeth (also known as primary teeth)
  • extra or absent teeth
  • uneven bite
  • jaw issues

These might be hereditary or caused by inadequate oral hygiene or a habit such as thumb sucking. Minor issues can naturally go away without intervention. Other times braces might be a wonderful option to solve the problem causing discomfort or pain to your child, which can be emotional or physical. 

Child Teeth with braces

Usually, dental braces are used once a child has lost most of the baby teeth and has most of their permanent teeth. The age can vary, but this usually happens between 9 and 14 years of age.

There are arguments for and against waiting until the child is older to get braces.

Braces are a long-term solution to crocked or misaligned teeth, so it can be a process of several years. Many teens have social milestones such as school balls and graduation ceremonies and may prefer not to be wearing braces during those important occasions. But these days, you can get nearly invisible braces. 

On the other hand, children’s teeth may still be developing at the younger end of the age spectrum. So the braces can be more effective if they are put on when the child is older.

Braces can be recommended for any person of any age. So while they could be put on too early, it is never too late. 

At Kakar Dental Group, we specialize in dentistry for children, so we are experienced with all kinds of orthodontics, including braces. We welcome you to call if you want an assessment on if your child needs braces. contact our pediatric dentist in Tyson, Falls Church any time to discuss how we can help your little one smile with absolute confidence again.

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