If your child needs a tooth extraction there are many ways to prepare them for the best experience possible. By giving loving emotional support and clearly explaining what will happen you can help them have a positive mindset about visiting the dentist and having a procedure that will improve their oral health.

Here are some hints to help your little one feel more secure about the procedure.

Be Positive

Tell your child about the procedure 1-2 days before so they don’t have too much time to worry, but also have time to be mentally prepared. Explain the reasons the unhealthy tooth needs to be removed and how it will improve their oral health.

Children are very perceptive so try not to show any hesitation or nerves you may be feeling yourself. 

Encourage Questions

If needed research online or ask your dentist details about the procedure. Then explain it in simple but clear language appropriate for your child’s age. Encourage your child to ask any questions they have. The more they know the better as sometimes the fear of the unknown is the biggest cause of anxiety.

Bring Comfort Objects

A favorite toy or blanket can be a great comfort to a child while they are in the dental chair as well as offer some distraction. If they can listen to some nice music or an audio story it can bring their focus off the procedure and help them to relax. 

Find The Best Pediatric Dentist in Northern Virginia

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You can be assured our staff are experts when it comes to taking care of little ones when they have to have dental work done including tooth extraction. With understanding and skill, they will help your child every step of the way and they will probably tell you on the way home how it was faster and easier than they ever imagined. 

Contact us if you are looking for a dentist specializing in pediatrics. We proudly serve families in Tysons Corner, Falls Church, Fredericksburg and Manassas of Virginia and the surrounding areas. 


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