A typical dental cleaning takes around 30 minutes to an hour. With that said, some cleanings may take longer than this if you have oral hygiene issues, such as tartar buildup. How long does a dental cleaning take is our topic today.

Ideally, dental cleanings should be part of your dental routine. Most dentists recommend a clearing once every six months to reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease. You will spend much less time in the dental clinic if you take care of your oral hygiene outside the clinic. Brushing your teeth twice daily with fluoride-containing toothpaste and regularly flossing is the best defense against plaque and tartar – the substances hygienists clean away. 


Why Do Dental Cleanings Take So Long? 

Dental cleanings are a type of deep cleaning for your teeth. Dental professionals use tools to scrape and remove unwanted residues to freshen your breath, improve the appearance of your teeth, and reduce the risk of developing oral health issues. For many patients, the answer to the question of “how long does a dental cleaning take?” is a little surprising. Brushing the teeth only takes two minutes, but a professional cleaning takes 30 minutes to an hour. 

The reason for this has to do with the degree of cleaning. Dental professionals must ensure they remove tartar and plaque buildup from every tooth surface above the gum, which can take longer. 


Does Tartar Removal Take A Long Time? 

Tartar is a yellowish, hardened, and compacted form of plaque. When you miss clear plaque during brushing, it builds up more in the mouth. Tartar can sometimes require special tools and techniques to remove. However, eliminating it from the mouth doesn’t usually take much longer than a traditional cleaning unless it is particularly stubborn. 


What Happens If Tartar Remains On Your Teeth? 

Tartar remaining on your teeth can be harmful to your oral health. Researchers believe it provides bacteria with a larger surface area to grow and cause gum disease. 

That’s why dental professionals will keep you in the clinic longer if necessary. They will always remove the maximum volume of tartar from your teeth possible, even if that means your treatment takes longer. 


Does Tartar Grow Back On Your Teeth? 

Tartar can grow back on your teeth during the weeks and months between dental appointments, particularly if you don’t look after your teeth properly. Fortunately, though, you can stop it from growing back as much with proper oral hygiene, helping shorten the time you need to spend in the dentist’s chair next time. Cleaning plaque off your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush before it has time to harden into tartar can help reduce cleaning times significantly. 


How Long Does A Dental Cleaning Take Honestly? 

In this post, we answered the question of how long does dental cleaning take. Generally speaking, it takes 30 minutes to an hour. Longer sessions may be necessary if you have a large volume of plaque or tartar on your teeth.