If you ask a kid what is excellent about Halloween, they will no doubt mention the treats. If you are worried about how much sugar your children will be given over the Halloween holiday, don’t worry. We understand your concern and it’s real. But there are ways to combat the sugar fix that they will undoubtedly encounter trick or treating. Please check out CDC guideline for Steps to Take when Trick or Treating

While this article is for our little patients, it can also be applied to our sweet-toothed adult patients. We all like to enjoy a treat now and then too!

Edit What They Eat

There are two ways to control sugar intake over Halloween. First, inform your children they are allowed to have as much candy as they want. But they can’t eat as much as they want. Let them eat some and save the rest. Then hide it away for another holiday or occasion. 

You can also take away any candy that looks incredibly unhealthy. Chewy candies can get stuck in between teeth and gums and be hard to remove later. Bright colored candy can be full of food coloring, which also can be bad for teeth and overall health. 

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water helps rinse away the sugar so it doesn’t stay in the mouth and possibly build up to form cavities. Let your children carry a water bottle with them so they can be rinsing naturally as often as possible.

Encourage Giving

Let Halloween be a time of giving. If your children collect a big bag of candy while treat or treating, encourage them to give it away later in the evening to door knockers who come disguised as monsters, aliens and witches. 

Clean With Extra Care

We love seeing happy kids and part of celebrating Halloween is eating candy. We would never say no sugar. But we would say yes to cleaning your teeth with extra care on the night of Halloween. Ensure the whole family cleans their teeth well by rinsing, flossing, brushing and rinsing some more.

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Make sure the sugar is removed before bedtime and everyone can be happy this Halloween.

All the team at the Kakar Dental Group wish you a very happy and festive Halloween. Stay safe and take precautions against Covid if you are receiving trick or treaters or going out door-to-door collecting treats.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released guidelines with helpful tips for staying safe this Halloween.

We would love to see your Halloween photos next time you visit the clinic!


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