Dr. Babak Salahbin

Pediatric Dentist

Specializes in pediatric dentistry and sedation dentistry

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Sedation Dentistry
Pediatric Dentistry

About Dr. Babak Salahbin

Dr. Babak Salahbin is a homegrown Virginia native. Having grown up in Northern Virginia he attended James Madison University for his undergraduate degree. There, he earned a B.B.A. with a double major in Finance and Computer Information Systems. His love of knowledge later led him to George Mason University where he studied Accounting. After entering the workforce with a business background, Dr. Salahbin felt a large void in his life. He felt the need for a greater calling. With a strong desire to help his fellow man, Dr. Babak Salahbin decided to go back to school where his pursuits led him to Howard University College of Dentistry. There he graduated in the top bracket of his class. Having felt the need to further his dental education, Dr. Salahbin completed an Advanced Education in General Dentistry through Lutheran Medical Center’s dental residency program at the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. His time spent on Oahu was very gratifying in that he was able to serve the underprivileged natives of the city of Waianae. During this time, he learned to incorporate the “Aloha Spirit” into his lifestyle. Aloha in the Hawaiian language means hello, goodbye, affection, peace, compassion, and mercy. Using the latest technology at Kakar dental group, Dr. Babak Salahbin plans to incorporate the “Aloha Spirit” into his everyday treatment style in order to help bring ease and comfort to his patient pool.

Dr. Babak Salahbin is licensed in MD and in VA and has extensive pediatric experience with his tenure at Smiles Pediatric Dental Care. He enjoys working with children of all ages and has treated children with some of the most challenging cases there are. Despite his love for children, Dr. Babak Salahbin also sees adults as well as geriatric patients. Dr. Salahbin has also attended the prestigious M.A.X.I. Course in Implanvology at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine where he is a part of an elite team of practitioners that have endured a rigorous training program in the study of implants. His love of knowledge and desire to treat patients of all ages has motivated him to continue his education as a lifelong endeavor. So much so that we are proud to announce that Dr. Salahbin has recently become an inductee Fellow with the American Academy of General Dentistry. This honor is reserved for only six percent of practicing dentists in the United States and Canada. In his spare time, Dr. Salahbin loves to snowboard, scuba dive, work out, and live life with a smile. He would be honored to have you share your smile with him.