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Pediatric Dentist Falls Church – Kids Oral Care Tips Among the COVID19 Pandemic

According to the pediatric dentist in Falls Church, staying healthy and safe during the COVID19 pandemic doesn’t mean avoiding infection with the coronavirus. According to Dr. Kakar, it is equally important to keep up with the routine oral care for the wellbeing of the oral and overall health. We understand that among the COVID19 pandemic, good dental hygiene might not be your foremost priority, but if you don’t care for your oral health, then there are chances that it could quickly develop a painful cavity or any other dental problem.

Pediatric dentistry experts in Falls Church share tips on how to maintain healthy teeth and gums, even among the COVID19 pandemic, and they are the following:

Proper Brushing: Brushing is the most important oral care activity, and you make sure you’re brushing twice a day for two minutes using fluoridated toothpaste. Never skip brushing before bed, because it cleans the teeth and protects them during the whole night. Along with the brushing, make sure to clean your kids’ tongue with a tongue scraper as well, because a lot of bacteria play hide and seek under the papillae on our tongues and can cause halitosis, or bad breath.

Avoid Sweets and Starchy Food Items: When we eat, acid is produced that attacks the teeth and leads to decay. More sweet food produces more acid; thus, it is advisable to avoid sugary and starchy food items that can lead to oral problems. Food items such as candy, potato chips, and chocolates must be excluded from the list. If you are banning treats altogether, then you must try feeding them dairy products that act as a buffer to the acids and lower the risk of tooth decay.

Drink Lots of Water: Water keeps your mouth wet and restricts the growth of the cavity. Saliva defends tooth decay, specifically the minerals in saliva such as calcium and phosphate. Saliva also helps wash away food residues that may be hanging around on your teeth. Drinking water helps prevent dry mouth by creating more saliva to keep tooth decay away. Staying hydrated will keep dental cavities at bay.

Stay In Touch With Your Family Pediatric Dentist: There are chances that even after taking all the precautionary steps, your child may suddenly complain about a toothache or anything else. To cope with such unexpected situations, you should constantly stay in touch with your family pediatric dentist in Falls Church. If any such situation arises, then your family dentist can guide you steps to reduce the pain until the help arrives, or you reach the dental office. You can also call pediatric dentists in Falls Church in the case of a dental emergency. Kids’ dentists at Kakar Dental Group are addressing the dental issues of children in Falls Church while taking all the safety measures among the COVID19 pandemic.

Kakar Dental Group is a kid’s dental office in Falls Church, and Dr. Kakar is the principal pediatric dentist at Kakar Dental Group. Dr. Kakar is the best and the top-rated pediatric dentist in Falls Church who loves to treat his small patients with utmost love and care. If you want to learn more about how to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kakar and what precautions should you take before visitation the dental office, then please visit For more tips on kids’ oral care over the phone call, please feel free to call Dr. Kakar at 703-534-1611.

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