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Pediatric Dentist Falls Church – Kids Oral Care Tips Among the COVID19 Pandemic

According to the pediatric dentist in Falls Church, staying healthy and safe during the COVID19 pandemic doesn’t mean avoiding infection with the coronavirus. According to Dr. Kakar, it is equally important to keep up with the routine oral care for [...]

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Pediatric Dentistry in Falls Church | Getting a Healthy Start with kids Oral Care

Kakar Dental Group is well known for pediatric dentistry in Falls Church. Dr. Kakar, the principal pediatric dentist in Falls Church, offers a wide variety of children’s dentistry services for families in Falls Church and surrounding areas. According to the [...]

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Tips by an Experienced Dentist in Falls Church to Improve Your Oral Health

Healthy teeth and mouth don’t happen overnight. Good oral health is the result of years of dedication and commitment towards a strict oral care routine. As oral health is directly linked to overall health, it is important that you give [...]

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